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Here you will find healers, holistic health practitioners, products and businesses to support you in taking back your health.
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The Take Back Your Health™ Directory is a growing network and community of natural-health oriented doctors, healers, dentists, trainers, wellness centers, shops, restaurants, local food markets, farms, events and resources, right at your fingertips!

We know it can be hard to find the right doctor to guide you through natural treatment options, or a restaurant that offers organic and allergen free food… so we created this directory to support and connect you with the natural health community where you live.

If you're a natural health-oriented business owner or practitioner, or if you're hosting an event focused around natural health, we invite you to create a listing!

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We're so glad that you're here! We would love to help you list your business or event on our directory. Here are the steps to create a listing on the Take Back Your Health™ Directory Site:

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First things first, you'll need to sign up for a user account with our site! Then, you'll be able to submit your listing and pay for your listing package.

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After you create and submit your listing for approval, you'll be taken to the check out page, where you can finalize your payment for your listing. Within 24-48 hours your listing will be live!


Here's what people are saying...

You are truly an inspiration to us all. Congratulations on carving out a mission of passion, truth, and sacredness. Thank you for having me and I hope my contribution was beneficial for the overall shindig. Blessings and best regards.
Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin

Head Farmer, Polyface Farms
There is hope that comes into each and everyone's heart when they experience Take Back Your Health sessions. What a blessing you are to this world. I want to thank you very much for bringing me back into the fold of TYBH. The array of information is phenomenal and I am grateful.
Christine K.

Christine K.

Thank you for a lovely day. I'm so grateful for you. Thank you for including me. I was so honored. Congrats on your success.
Amy Valpone

Amy Valpone

Founder, TheHealthyApple.com
There is hope that comes into each and everyone's heart when they experience Take Back Your Health sessions. There is a positive energy that circulates wherever you gather a group. It works miracles for us all.
Susan B.

Susan B.

I look forward to this conference each year and make sure that I do not schedule anything else during those dates. I have been participating in TBYH conference since 2011, each year I have enjoyed meeting new people, and I have gained new knowledge to incorporate in my routine. You have done a great job in helping people improve and overcome their health challenges.
Naheed S.

Naheed S.

Thank you for bringing us all together! ... What you've started is so amazing because you are amazing and I'm grateful for your efforts.
Christine N. 

Christine N. 

My mindset has been reset and my health challenges are now seen from a new positive perspective. I never knew how much of a victim mindset I was living in. Regardless of what I might face now, it’s completely different how I live my life. So many lessons here...
Jennifer G.

Jennifer G.