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Our mission is to offer our patients a truly holistic dental experience.  We promise to put the health of our patients above all else.  We also believe that human health is inextricably interconnected with the health of the planet. At Dental Healing, we offer general dentistry, zirconia implants, safe amalgam removal and ozone therapy.

Dr. Yokoyama and Dr. Monempour are SMART Certified by the IAOMT. SMART stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. Click for more information on the SMART protocol

Dr. Yokoyama has been an Accredited Member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology since 1997. He has attended more than 25 meetings and conventions. Here is the link for his page

A note from Dr. Chester Yokoyama:

“Since my dad was a dentist, I was exposed to dentistry at an early age. Dental tasks came easy to me and I have always thought that there must be a better way to practice dentistry than to “drill, fill and bill”. I have been researching the biocompatible aspects of dentistry for over 20 years.

Since I am trained in hospital dentistry, I was able to do entire oral revisions at one time under general anesthesia. When dramatic results were obtained, I became convinced that some dental materials could affect the whole body. This was the beginning of my quest for ultimately biocompatible dental materials.

I have worked with Physicians for many years, working side by side in the hospital and in the O.R. It has been both enlightening and frustrating at times. The medical establishment does not consider the oral cavity very often in diagnosing and treating patient. It is usually by default that the dentist is called in on a case. After treating many patients in the hospital, I began to see the correlation between dentistry and medicine. A correlation that is embodied in my attempt to practice Holistically.”

-Chester Yokoyama, DDS

Our Green Office

Our new office has undergone a major transformation. We are proud to bring you our brand new, state of the art, beautifully designed and environmentally responsible dental office in DOWNTOWN Los Angeles.

You can count on the same trusted integrative holistic dental healthcare from the Dental Healing team.

Only now, our services are offered with the healthiest, smartest, most environmentally responsible, and safest dental facility in all of Los Angeles.

We promise to be environmentally responsible and socially conscious in maintaining the healthiest dental practice in all of Los Angeles.


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