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Christopher Buonocore is the Founder of LifeSource Environmental Solutions serving client’s to help create healthy homes and workplaces.

As a practicing Certified Building Biologist he promotes the importance of EMF reduction and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) through on-site indoor assessment and testing services.

For the last 7 years most of his time was spent in homes and business testing and developing remediation/mitigation plans for mold, chemicals and electromagnetic energy. He has spent thousands of hours on-site finding causation, testing and proving exposure exists.

Chris has a keen knowledge addressing difficult situations while discussing options to address exposures identified. He particularly enjoys EMF assessment to help customers identify ways to reduce exposure. Identifying fields, wiring errors, specific frequencies, utility issues and offering ways toward mitigation.

Indoor toxic hazards elude our awareness. Toxins from mold, consumer products, building materials, electromagnetic technology and 5G in our environment create environmental instability. Identifying and reducing synergistic exposures must be considered a priority for your health.

Initially Chris suffered from a long 17-year bout with an undiagnosed chronic illness in the earlier years and later was diagnosed with Environmental Illness [formerly known as multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)]. While recovering he learned techniques first hand from physicians and later developed methods to more effectively serve the public. Recovered, he now enters homes and offices that originally made him ill to serve those who are suffering from the same fate. 

Two of his presentations are offered here at TBYH. Be sure to check out his most recent presentation related to the technical aspects of 5G signals.