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Holistic Hilda is a joyful advocate for ancestral health. She is convinced that health doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag or with the latest smoothie trend or fitness package. Her website, courses, and events point to simple (and, often, FREE) ways to integrate ancient principles (like eating nutrient-dense food, getting plenty of sunshine and quality sleep) into your busy life. From Kenya to Peru to Australia to Cuba to Ecuador, Holistic Hilda has traveled the world exploring traditional practices for optimal well-being. You can find experts, experiences and epic adventures to boost your health on her Instagram, YouTube channel and on the Wise Traditions podcast, Holistic Hilda is also a podcast coach! (Wise Traditions has millions of downloads, so she knows how to do it right!) She offers personalized one-on-one training to help you go from zero to launch.Click here for Holistic Hilda Productions