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Sustainable, Innovation, environmental-friendly, and open-minded. We understand that as humans we are what we eat and with this in mind center our mission on providing only the freshest and nutrient dense greens that we can. For us, food is medicine. Our connection with where our food comes from increases our appreciation for it and has taught us respect for food’s ‘footprint. We love brainstorming ways in which we can build a more holistic and productive food system around us here in Richmond. Too many individuals aren’t getting the proper nutrients into their bodies on a daily basis and for this reason we want to make it not only convenient, but also make eating greens tasty as well. We support getting back in the kitchen. Along with poor nutrition, many individuals are not familiar with where their foods actually are coming from. We take pride in educating the local area about the benefits of eating locally sourced foods and allowing them to understand that in turn results in a healthier and happier society. We believe in supporting each other towards our best selves, and that the food we eat helps us achieve that. Small, urban, and community supported farms are the way of the future. The philosophy is centered around sustainability. Minimizing waste and leaving the Earth in a better condition than we had originally found it is the least that we can do for our planet. Though we are not USDA certified organic, we take part in strict organic practices and use only non-GMO seeds.