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Beyond Organic, Simplified.

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Beyond Organic, Simplified. Dr. Cowan’s Garden offers beyond organic products that make healthy eating simple and delicious. Like you, we strive to nourish our families with the purest, healthiest foods. Inspired by his research into the healthiest indigenous peoples worldwide—whose diets include over 100 different vegetable varieties—Dr. Cowan and his family launched Dr. Cowan’s Garden to help health-minded families achieve similar health benefits. We offer a wide variety of easy-to-use vegetable powders, ancient grains and legumes, grown or sustainably foraged by small organic and biodynamic family farmers. We specialize in rare heirloom varieties, harvested at the peak of freshness, processed using a proprietary dehydration process and placed in miron violet glass jars to preserve their nutrients without the use of additives or desiccants. Just pure, nutritious and delicious products you can easily incorporate into your favorite foods to increase vegetable diversity, while still enjoying the bounty from your own garden or local farmstand. Please visit our website at  drcowansgarden.com to check out our products, nutrition blogs and free recipes.