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Karla Moffet is a licensed massage therapist in Vienna, Virginia. She received certification from AKS Massage School, the Zero Balancing Association and is a Reiki Master.

Zero Balancing uses gentle touch to relieve pain, increase energy and move a client towards wholeness. Your inner voice becomes more clear. In a Zero Balancing session, because the client is held with the highest personal regard, a deep trust builds a foundation for the energetic changes the client’s body chooses to make.

Zero Balancing uses gentle touch to create clearer, stronger energetic fields to help resolve imbalances and integrate energy with structure (bones). Zero Balancing directs a person toward wholeness.” -Fritz Frederick Smith, MD, Founder, Zero Balancing

Benefits of Zero Balancing:

– Increased feelings of health and well-being

– Releases stressImproves energy flow

– Reduces pain and discomfort

– Amplifies our sense of connection, peace and happiness

– Supports us through transitionsImproves quality of life

Reiki addresses healing by relaxing nervous tension, calming imbalances and increasing energy. As Reiki flows, it is self-directed to areas of greatest need. The purpose of Reiki is to provide the body with additional energy to relieve stress. Reiki is gentle touch with no manipulation. Reiki is deeply relaxing and promotes a sense of inner peace and well being.

Benefits of Reiki:

– Balances and restores energy levels – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual

– Reduces stress by relieving pain and relaxing the body

– Promotes natural self-healing

– Strengthens the immune system and clears toxins

– Releases patterns and blocks to suppressed emotions

– Enhances personal awareness

A blended session of Reiki and Zero Balancing relieves pain and stress. Most clients report that their minds become quiet; they feel safe and supported. Reiki and Zero Balancing are “light touch” energy modalities; Zero Balancing also incorporates “lifting into bone” and “slight traction at the feet and at the neck.” When receiving Reiki or Zero Balancing there are many similarities for the client: The client remains fully clothed during the 60 minute session; Client is encouraged to feel their body on the table, to be present, restful and aware during their session.

Information on Covid -19 While Covid-19 continues to be a concern, for those who are not fully vaccinated, I offer ZOOM Reiki sessions. 

My Zero Balancing sessions are located in Herndon, VA.


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