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DoctorEMF™ currently provides research, education, products, labs, packages, consultations, telemedicine, and on-site clinic programs which include restorative sleep and concierge care.

Our team at DoctorEMF™ continue to conduct research, provide education and treat those individuals suffering from the Cell Danger Response (CDR). These conditions include but are not limited to EHS, PTSD, Autism, Anxiety, Sleep issues; any dis-ease in the body caused from real or perceived danger.To educate patients, parents, caregivers, practitioners and physicians on our proven protocols by providing telemedicine, on-site group and individual stays.

Lead Clinician

Dr. Russell John Kort is an author, public speaker, chiropractor and lead clinician of DoctorEMF™. He is the Chairman of DefenderShield medical and science advisory board and was the 2019 Innovator Of The Year for BrainTap Technologies. He is also a faculty member of the Sleep Balance Academy.Dr. Kort has over thirty five years of medical experience. For the past five years he has focused on the concussion-like symptoms associated with EMF Exposure (AKA “Havana Syndrome”). For over two decades, Dr. Kort has suffered from the symptoms of EMF Hypersensitivity (EHS). This has driven him to dedicate his life to help those who have suffered, just like him.His pioneering work has uncovered an innate sequence to healing, which starts in the brain.

Lead Researcher

Joanette Biebesheimer, M.S. “JET” as she is known by, is an educator, Biochemist and Environmental Scientist. She has managed complex environmental monitoring projects (chemical, nuclear, and radioactive waste) in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. Her pioneering multi-disciplinary systems approach to research and development has made her a force in redefining pinnacle health to include restorative sleep and the EMF environment.

Support Staff

To include Registered Nurses, Sleep Specialists, Chiropractic Assistants, Customer Care and Administrative Specialists.

Personalized Medicine – Health MAPWe focus on Personalized Medicine to serve patients and educate physicians.

We have pioneered a proven whole-body systems approach to research and therapy by creating a Health MAP for each patient that includes best in world biometrics: Brain, Body, Microbiota and Restorative Sleep for Pinnacle Health.

BRAIN MAP: EEG, Sleep, Voice Analysis, Cognition, Vision Processing, Balance, Sensory, Pupillary Reflex

BODY MAP: Thermography, Heart Rate Variance (HRV), Posture, Body Voltage, Heart Sound Recorder, Proprietary Labs for CDR

MICROBIOTA MAP: Next Gen Microbiome Testing & personalized probiotics with diet recommendations.

RESTORATIVE SLEEP MAP: FDA Approved at Home Sleep Study to develop a personalized 30 Day Restorative Sleep Program.

“In order to become resilient, you must first leave the environment that made you sick” – Dr. Russell John Kort.